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Mr. Joel F. Cassman CPA , while preparing my wife's and mine joint income tax declaration for 2013, found that serious mistakes had been made by the H&R Block "expert" who had prepared our declarations for 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. We were lucky that the "expert" had retired and, in looking for someone to replace him, we met Mr. Cassman. Our main source of income is the pension I receive from the Government of Brazil, which is taxed at the source. The H&R Block "expert" did not know that the taxation imposed in Brazil is taken into consideration by the U.S. Government, even if there is no treaty to avoid double taxation between the two countries; as a result, we also paid full U.S. taxes on the net amount received in Brazil.

Thanks to his thorough knowledge of the Tax Code, Mr. Cassman quickly spotted the error and suggested that we seek refunds in respect of those four years from both the U.S. Government and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Mr. Cassman filed requests for refunds that were fully accepted by the IRS and the Dept. of Taxation of Virginia. As a result, we recovered over thirty thousand dollars and now know that our annual tax bills shall be much lower than before.

Mr. Cassman was attentive in following-up the course of our requests and has always been available for clarifying and answering any doubts or questions we may have. My wife and I highly commend the work he did for us.

- Ambassador Marcelo Raffaelli, retired diplomat, Arlington VA

Mr. Joel F. Cassman, CPA, prepared my wife's and my joint income tax returns for 2013 and 2012, and amended our 2011 returns (federal and state) in addition to correctly advising us on and preparing our foreign assets declaration (FBAR) for the U.S. Treasury.

I am happy to state that Mr. Cassman assisted us very efficiently during the whole process of preparing and filing our returns. He was very attentive and always available to answer any questions we might have had. I found his services highly satisfactory and I am planning to count on him for the preparation of our tax returns next year.

- Ambassador Bernardo Pericas-Neto, retired diplomat, McLean VA

Joel Cassman has filed my 5 late tax returns for IRS and VA in record time and has gotten me nice refunds -- and no penalties. He is well organized and succeeded in pushing me to supply all necessary information -- while remaining pleasant. He has given me sound advice on estate planning and other financial matters. I like the way he follows through and leaves no loose ends. I strongly recommend him.

- Dr. S Fred Singer, PhD, Chairman Emeritus, Science and Environmental Policy Project , Arlington VA

I've been a client of Joel Cassman, CPA, for three years and I strongly recommend him. Thanks to Joel, I was able to successfully resolve a multi-year tax situation with the IRS due to a negligent CPA I previously hired, and significantly reduce my tax liability. Joel's thorough knowledge of the Tax Code, his responsiveness to address matters in a timely fashion and his dedication to his clients make him a wonderful CPA. I plan to count on him for my future tax needs.

- Nicole Adams, Project Manager, Arlington VA

I am writing to inform you about the wonderful service I received from my CPA, Mr. Joel Cassman. I presented Mr. Cassman with what I thought was a huge problem! I had a worsening debt to the IRS due to a missing W-2 form from 2009. I was very overwhelmed with the letters I was receiving from the IRS.

Mr. Cassman was kind and thorough and helped me resolve my issues with both the State of Maryland and the IRS. He filed an amended return and helped me to negotiate a reduced penalty.

Mr. Cassman went on to assist me with preparing my 2012 tax returns and was very helpful due to his attention to detail. He kept asking me questions about my deductible work expenses and lifestyle that resulted in me receiving the maximum tax refund I was due.

I am truly grateful for his aptitude and professionalism! I will seek out Mr. Cassman's expertise every tax season.

- Amy Manning, RN, Annapolis MD

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